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A New Direction

in Marine Marketing

When achieving your financial objectives requires a change of course.

Corpen Communications offers a comprehensive marketing and advertising solution specifically designed for yachting professionals of all types, especially the owners of yachts in charter seeking to deliver value to their customers and earn a net profit.


For those yacht owners no longer satisfied with the status quo, that are looking for greater bottom line results from their marketing efforts, that recognize a change in direction is necessary to achieve profitable yacht ownership, we created Corpen.

corpen flag



pennant is spoken,

written, and transmitted

CORPEN. It's used to change

the course of ships in succession

(known as column movement or

wheeling) or, with a modifier, to

indicate a course of a ship formation.

nautical flags convey information

Corpen Communications is unique in maritime marketing-especially for marketing of yacht charter operations. 


We do not sell yachts, manage yachts, or build yachts. We don't repair boats or offer boats or yachts for charter. We don't offer "boats as a business" programs.  We don't compete with such service providers, but compliment them.  We choose to avoid potential conflicts of interests by not trying to be a jack of all trades- but a master of one - marketing for yacht charter operations.


There are already plenty of fine firms offering a shotgun approach to marine

marketing, which certainly has its place. That seems to be the conventional

wisdom when marketing charter boats and charter yachts.  Thats' the way its

always been done in order to maximize the market of global prospects.


However, our approach is more along the lines of a laser targeted sniper

rile.   Amazingly focused and extremely accurate and with little wasted

recources and unecessary activity.  Especially economical and effective.

Combining the two strategies makes for a very potent mix.


And as rapidly as markets and technologies change, we believe everyone is

better served if we focus our resources on just one thing- providing our clients

with the competitive advantage of the most effective integrated marketing and

advertising solutions specifically designed for the unique needs of the marine

industry. Special focus is upon the interests of charter boat and yacht owners.


Thus we conclude you found us either by providence, or you are activley seeking

to increase revenues and improve the bottom line of your boating business


Perhaps a yacht charter venture of some type?  Or a shipyard, maybe?


So how's business?  Satisfied with your cash flow? With your net profits?


If not, a good place to start is usually with your marketing plan.


For centuries, maritime marketing as it was, was limited largely to signal flags as about the only tool to convey to others the status of the vessel, the current and future course, and cargo it was carrying, etc.  While still used for other marine purposes, signal flags can hardly even be considered a marketing tool in these "ap for anything and almost everything" days.


With the instant, constant, global, digital communications and entertainment 24 / 7, signal flags are rapidly becoming a lost art. They are certainly not as critical for maritime commerce as they once were. Nevertheless they represent what is wrong with many marine marketing programs today.  Maybe yours?


Most marine marketing efforts are not very effective in generating net profits, or at least not as effective as they could be. Too often mixed, mistake filled, marketing messages result from errors reading the latest "digital signals" or by ignoring them completely.  Some don't know, some don't really care,  since they will be paid regardless if the owner makes any profit or not.


With signal flags, one sign in the wrong order completly changes the message. Even more so when marketing in the digital age - where everything is on a global scale - and marketing mistakes can be especially costly.


As a boat charter owner, if you can't read the signals yourself, how can you be sure what your marketing message is signaling to others about you, your business and your vessel?


How can you be certain what message you - and those around you - are sending to competitors, potential customers and maybe the IRS?




Business or
You claim your boat is a business,
but depending on your marketing plan, the IRS may see things differently.

Increasingly many boat and yacht owners attempt to subsidize the costs of ownership by claiming a broad range of business tax deductions.  Attempting to take a section 179 business deduction as part of a "boat as a business" program seems to be especially popular with some.


But unless your boating venture makes a net profit - the question of just what qualifies as a business eligible for tax deductions is anything but certain - and open for IRS interpretation. 

Corpen is specifically designed with this in mind and is uniquely qualified and positioned to help protect charter boat owners from unnecessary IRS scrutiny.

yacht charter

Successful marketing is a race for

the customer's business.


At Corpen Communications we are NOT

yacht charter brokers marketing a fleet of yachts. 

Marketing the other boats they manage to your prospects.


We at Corpen are all in - and go all out when we need to - for you to win!


The principals of Corpen are combining more than a century of diversified success: maritime, marketing, economics, tax advisory, etc.  This is a unique crew with expertise no other marine marketing group can offer.

The Marketing Power of Behavioral Economics


Behavioral economics is a useful tool to influence (or 'Nudge') the decisions people make.


“If anything, behavioral economics impact will only grow in the future, because it works hand in glove with the growing centrality of digital solutions in marketing. You can’t understand the success of digital platforms like Amazon, Facebook, Farmville, Nike Plus, and Groupon if you don’t understand behavioral economic principles like social proof, the impact of variable intermittent social rewards, feedback loops, and scarcity. Behavioral economics will increasingly be providing the behavioral insight that drives digital strategy.”  The Marketing Power of Behavioral Economics

Ready for more information?
"Private information is the source of every great fortune." Oscar Wilde

A charter business if it is to succeed needs a competitive

advantage.  Often that starts with an information advantage

when it comes to consumer preferences.

How well do you know your customers, their needs, wants,

and their purchase decision process? Who knows your

customers better- you or your competition?

Through its proprietary surveys, Corpen serves as a valuable

information exchange between providers and consumers of

boating and yachting goods and services.

Corpen surveys enable consumers to clealry make their

preferenes known to those providers that are truely interested

in customer satisfaction.

Consequently, the better informed yacht charter owners are

about what customers really want, the more enjoyable the

experience will be for the customer, and the greater the

chance of repeat business for the owner. 


It is really a win - win for all.  Everyone agrees that time - like money - is too valuable to waste.  Boating vacations are simply too few and precious to risk having a bad experience.  What's your time worth?

Corpen surveys are a wise investment for both providers and consumers.  Consumers are able to enjoy the benefits they value the most while providers don't have to guess at what consumers actually demand.






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